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Mastering the
Sacred Art of Self-Care™ 

A 5-week Masterclass Series to guide you on how to reclaim your SELF! 

Designed for the Modern-Day Woman in Business that feels over-worked, overwhelmed and over-exhausted. 

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 ~ Special VIP Add-On ~

Schedule a one-on-one Holistic Health & Beauty Consultation Call with Angelique personally to discuss your Beauty, Wellness and Self-Care needs to help you get started on your own customized plan to Master the Sacred Art of Self-Care.

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Starting Wednesday April 5th, 2023 

This 5-Week Virtual Masterclass Series will be a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE 


To support you to SHIFT from Stress to Serenity, from Chaos to Calm, and live a life present, grounded and connected in work and relationships. If you are sick and tired of looking and feeling older than your years... And you feel like you simply don’t know where to start to reclaim the woman you once knew... And you are FIERCELY committed to do what it takes to make yourself a priority and take back your self-care...Then join us! 


What you will learn in the Mastering the Sacred Art of Self-Care™ Virtual Masterclass Series 


Day 1  How did we get here and where do we start? 

 How stress is impacting Women’s Health 

• How beauty plays an important role in women’s lives 

• How women should support their body and their nervous system 

• Managing Your Moods 

• Tips to Shift out of Reactivity and Getting off the Dot 


Day 2  Understanding Your Stress and how to SHIFT 

• Identifying Energetic Leaks 

• Emotional and Spiritual Connection to Pain & Illness 

• Toxic Relationships and Healthy Boundaries 

• Releasing & Letting Go 

• Responding vs. Reacting 


Day 3  Inner Peace for the Modern Day Business-Woman 

• Basic Meditation and Visualization techniques 

• Connecting to Breath 

• Botanicals to support your moods and emotions 

• Music and Sounds to Support your Mind and Body 

• Clearing your energy and Grounding 


Day 4  Deepening your Self-Care and Self-Love Practice 

• Managing Conflict in your Feminine 

• Soul Connections and Family Imprints 

• Rituals for Self-Care and Sanity 

• How to really connect to SELF 

• Infusing Joy back into your life 


Day 5  Boundaries and Protection 

• How to set the tone for your life every day 

• Detoxing your life 

• Having Difficult Conversations 

• Rebuilding after heartbreak and disappointment 

• Shifting from people pleasing to setting healthy boundaries, expectations, and ground rules 



• Meet other like-minded women in business from around the world! 

• Once you enroll you will be added to a Facebook Group where all other women coming into the program can connect, interact, and bond. 

• All attendees will have priority and VIP access to future destination retreats and events prior to public access. 


Meet your Hostess: Angelique Renae 

Angelique Renae is a Holistic Beauty Expert, Licensed Esthetician, and Women’s Self-Care Coach who developed a heart to serve and support professional women, after her own journey of suffering burnout and fatigue in Corporate. By teaching women to Master the Sacred Art of Self-Care ™, they can achieve balance so they can radiate beauty from within rather than masking and covering up the fact their lives are completely tipped out of balance. She believes by supporting women to become balanced Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally, they can support the body’s repair process and reverse the clock on aging without the need for harsh chemicals or invasive procedures. She is currently located in Orlando, Florida and supports women in her clinic, virtually, and offers 1 on 1 VIP Coaching to women as well as certifying other licensed practitioners to become Holistic Beauty Experts in their market. 


Enroll Now!



What happens after I pay? 

You will get a confirmation email with all the information that you need and you will be invited to a private Facebook group where attendees can connect and network! 

I cannot Attend Live. Will there be a replay? 

YES! Although I do encourage you to attend live to enjoy the energy and interaction of the women in the group, a replay link will be sent out after each day. 


What will I need for each class? 

You will receive a worksheet to accompany each class so you can take notes and write down any insights and ah-ha moments along the way. I encourage you to really commit to taking this time for yourself, free from noise and distractions, and come on camera. This allows us to feel a connection, interact, and answer any questions. 


What if I am embarrassed or concerned, I may know someone? 

Confidentiality is extremely important. This is created as a safe space for all women to connect, learn, and share. We ask that everyone respect the privacy of the group. If you feel you would rather comment or ask questions in private, you will have the option to do so, and I will keep them anonymous if I share something I feel has value for everyone. 


What if I would like to skip the group setting and have Private 1 on 1 Coaching instead? 

The you may request an application for a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call where we can explore the areas in which you personally need support and determine if we are a fit to work together. You can request an application by clicking here: (Email Address) 


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I Felt Rejuvenated! 

Angelique is a talented beauty advisor and takes a holistic approach from the inside out. She really takes time to discuss the needs of her client, getting to know them, and cares to resolve & clear any issue they are having, externally AND internally. Personally, being in my mid to late 40's, life has changed significantly over the last 2 -3 years from hormonal triggers to weight gain, increased anxiety, irritability and fatigue from restless sleep. I quite frankly looked & felt exhausted often. COVID did not help! However, upon meeting with Angelique, I felt relaxed & actually fell asleep in her care once I let my worries fade away. After the first session I was even more exhausted... but because I had done WORK to release what was needed to move forward. She did a great call to check on me knowing this is probably how I would feel after the first session. She gave me some at home recommendations and exercises for the mind to stay consistent with. After a few sessions with her, I ultimately felt rejuvenated! It was a feeling I can best describe as freedom. My spirits were lifted, skin looked brighter, and I have been able to sleep more soundly. Thank you Angelique! I would recommend Angelique to anyone!


~ Lori Robb - Beauty Sales Professional 

I Highly Recommend Her! 

My Beauty Secret has been revealed! She's THE BEST! I love my slimming and shrink sessions with Angelique Renae and I HIGHLY recommend her!


~ Tara Grace - Feminine Wealth Embodiment Coach 

A True Expert in Her Industry 

I noticed an immediate change on my face after the treatment. The wrinkles were much less visible and the skin around my neck less saggy. Angelique is knowledgeable, very approachable, very pleasant and a true expert in the industry. Can't wait to go back!


~ Lenka Brady - Mobile App Developer/ Business Consultant 


Wonderful Skills and Heart 

I have had several different treatments from Angelique. Every treatment was analyzed and thoughtfully processed before completion to determine what was best for me. I have always been happy with the results, whether it was for fat reduction, facial rejuvenation or a basic facial. Angelique is wonderful with a real heart to serve women striving for health and their best self. She is a gem in this industry.


~ Diane Vivian, Graphic Designer 


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