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The need for Holistic Beauty is on the rise, especially with the increase of auto-immune disorders and cancer. People want Beauty & Anti-Aging, but without compromising their immune system or adding any additional trauma and injury to the body. Now is the PERFECT time as a licensed professional to be able to serve and support those who seek natural alternatives that are advanced and progressive to support that body's repair process to reverse aging. 


Holistic Beauty Certification

Are you a licensed and/ or certified wellness practitioner, beauty professional, spa professional, or medical professional that has a passion for Beauty & Wellness and would like to learn about natural alternatives that compete with convention Beauty & Aesthetics?


 Would like to mentorship, coaching, training, or consulting for your business or practice?


Join us for a non-toxic beauty revolution that will help you shape your business, strengthen your referral network, and gain long lasting relationships with patients and clients by offering them solutions to their beauty needs that are gentler and more loving on the body.


Fill out this questionnaire/application for a complimentary beauty business assessment & consultation.





Would you like to learn Angelique's protocols for tightening, lifting, toning, and firming...naturally and non-invasively? Do you need coaching to map out a successful and profitable business model that will give you a unique niche providing advanced treatments that offer alternatives to Botox, injectables and surgery?


Apply now for a Complimentary Discovery call to explore working together in a one-on-one VIP Day or group session. 

(Valued at $200)

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