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All participants purchasing a package who take Before and After Photos and submit them prior to Oct. 4, 2022, will be entered for a chance to

Win One Complimentary Treatment for Face or Body!

(up to $350)

Skin Transformation

If you desire a skin transformation for tired, dull, sagging skin and dark circles under the eyes, your package includes:

• 40 Servings of Collagen Beauty Elixir to rebuild your skin from within
• 60 doses of NAD for cellular detox and to improve uptake and absorption of collagen
• Membership to our FB Support & Accountability Group "Better Than Botox" for tips on how to use your product, guasha facial massage and more!

~ Total Price ~



Choose between an in-home program or see Angelique in person by adding a package of 4 Non-surgical Facelift or Waist Slimming treatments at one of her locations.


Add a series of 4 in-office non-surgical Facelift treatments and receive $100 savings off your package!

Add a series of four in-office Waist Slimming Treatments and receive $100 off per treatment,

for a total of $400 savings!



Body Transformation

If you desire to shed some inches and reduce weight, your package will include:

• 2 canisters of Whole Food Meal Replacement shakes to drink twice daily (Plant based option and whey from grass-fed cows from New Zealand)
• 1 bottle of adaptogen beverage to support you with stress management
• 1 bottle of herbal Metabolism Accelerator
• 1 bottle of Digestive Flush to support emptying your detox pathways so toxins can escape (Very gentle)
• 1 bottle of Cleanse beverage for phytonutrient support, super botanicals, and plant derived trace minerals to make intermittent fasting more effective
• 1 box of healthy Snack Bites to curb cravings

All products are gentle on the system and no diuretics or laxatives are involved.

~ Total Price ~


• You will receive membership to our FB support group for support, recipes, instruction videos and accountability,

• You will also receive a support manual to explain what days and the order in which you will take your product.

Want a Consultation or reserve a package ?

Contact Angelique below or Call/text 407.758.1961

30 Day Transformation
Sept. 5 - Oct . 4

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